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About Us

Zhury uniquely understands the Value-for-money mindset and the heterogeneous nature of Bangladeshi customers and accordingly provides the widest range of products, with state-of-the-art technology and features, at the best prices.

Our attempt is to build a beautiful tomorrow, keeping in mind the repeated changes in taste and needs of a modern lifestyle. Combining practicality with aesthetic qualities, we will constantly endeavor to maintain our clients’ valued confidence.

Zhury  goal of reaching customers with 100% quality products to provide them new experience in technology and customer convenience is being achieved through providing better after-sales-service which is our main concern, as we always want to keep our customers tension free about their purchased product/s.

We will maximize long-term return through performance, innovation, and leadership. We will keep up long-term customer relationships, trust, and loyalty through responsiveness, innovation, flexibility, and value-added superior performance.


Our Vision :

  • Make CG a globally respected name.
  • Improve the quality of life of the people.


Our Goals :

  • Market leadership.
  • Ethical practices.
  • Innovating in all facets of life.
  • Caring for the CUSTOMERS.
  • Conducting ourselves as good citizens.


Our Mission : 

  • Focus on customer delight.
  • Seek technology and trade leadership.
  • Build corporate image.
  • Quality people.
  • Enhance work culture & environment.
  • Better and effective communication.
  • Optimize resource management.
  • Set bench marking standards for corporate governance.
  • Sustained sales and profitability.